[The Right way]
by michael Eastwood
A 21 Step Guide To A Music Artist's
Pr and Marketing
You've written the single, recorded the music, had it mastered and ready for radio… but now what? 

This is the question we get asked from artists all the time. And for 
good reason…

When many musicians come to us for access to the biggest tastemakers and media outlets worldwide, and understandably, they have little knowledge of how the music industry works .

The musician's role should be the music, right? But today, it's proving more and more crucial for the typical musician to know every corner of this competative industry
From PR and Marketing to Branding and Record Sales, to learn your environment will make you a better hunter, equipping you with the knowledge and understanding to take your music into the limelight with pride.

This is why I wrote this book for you. These 21-steps prove a good primer for any musician thinking about taking their music into the public sphere…

Officially launched at the music conference Springboard Houston in Texas, where I was chosen as a keynote speaker from my experience on launching artists to large audiences, I'm excited to finally launch this book for public release.

Inside this book, you will learn:

  • How to Build the Best Team for your Music's Success
  • To See Marketing as a Method to Ignite Change
  • ​To Understand the Essence of an Engaging Music Brand
  • ​The Importance of New Media and How to use it Best
  • ​Who and Where your Ideal Target Audience Hides
  • ​Some of the Best and Easiest Tools to Influence New Engagement
  • ​And so much more
Take Notes and Uncover…
How To Make The Most Of Your Promotion
PR seems to be veiled in a lot of mystery. And without clear definition of what exactly it entails musicians can easily get lost. In this book Michael Eastwood pulls away the veil explaining the mechanics of a what a PR campaign involves and whether or not you are even ready for PR
How To Engage Your Audience
Since launching our Social Media Growth product we’ve learnt considerable the do’s and don’ts of social media. In this book, Michael Eastwood gives some of his proven solutions to making the most out of social media. What platforms you should invest time into and how to increase your social efficiency so you have more time to focus on being a musician.
What Good Branding Can Do For You
Through our trademarked Branding system, The Establish and Flourish System™, we take examples to tell you the differences between good and bad branding solutions. What makes a good website? How do I look professional to my fans? Why is branding important for musicians? These are some of the questions Michael Eastwood answers.
About The Author
Michael Eastwood founded the brand Mastermind (est. 2006), now a UK & U.S music-focused 360 PR, Marketing, and modern Label Services platform, based in London. His company Mastermind has developed an innovative Go-To-Market strategy for artists and brands in the music industry leading to awards, major record deals, large festival bookings, international tours and top 20 chart success.​

Mastermind Group helps talented artists in their quest for success. We believe that every musician should be able to choose to manage their own careers. That’s why Mastermind Group exists, to help guide or manage artists to succeed.​
What Others Are Saying…
Lion O. King
"Mastermind promotion have taken on a bold mission. To empower the single independent artist while taking away control from the big three (major labels) is a shift that's long been necessary. Although some huge artists like Ed Sheeran & Adele might thrive in a soon to be extinct work environment, Mastermind Promotion is the most revolutionary force in the music industry I have come across. Strong vision, excellent execution. 5 stars."
Rick Barker
Taylor Swift's Former Manager
Mastermind Advisory Board Memeber
“What I was hearing was [Michael Eastwood’s] passion for the independent artist because of the knowledge and experience that he was sharing […] Michael is the James Bond of the UK music PR world"
Matt Palfreman
"A truly excellent company that stand out as leaders in their field. They're helping independent artists and labels carve out a future in a changing industry and they're exactly what the industry currently needs. And don't worry if that all sounds a little intimidating because they're also a really friendly team and are incredibly easy to get along with. Can't wait to work with them all again in the future!"
Nazneen Rahman
“I wanted to be able to get my music to people who would connect to it, so I contacted Mastermind Promotion because they’ve got wonderful networks and they’re really good at getting the right people to listen to the music […] [Michael] is always really positive and he’s always got so much energy, it’s lovely working with Michael”
Vick Hamilton 
Author, Guns 'n' Roses Former Manager, Mastermind Advisory Board Member
“Michael got me in Rolling Stone magazine, BBC Radio 6 Music and BBC 1 TV. He is my go to PR guy for anything I do in the UK”
Inbal Paz 
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mastermind Promotion twice now. They promoted my songs with a lot of thought and care. This last time they even got a television interview in London although I am a foreign artist. They take really great care of their artist and I wouldn’t think twice about working with this team again"
Anthony Baxter  
Head of News, London Live
"Mastermind have a real commitment to both emerging and established talent. They're a PR firm that consistently provides artists who make for great interviews. A pleasure to work with Michael, Paul and the team."
Artist Manager, Rise Artist, 
Benny Page Manager
“The service Mastermind provides is very bespoke and tailored to the clients needs. They’ll sit down with you and they’ll really make sure that your aims and what your targets are are mirrored in the PR efforts […] I know that Michael goes the extra step which is really what I want if I’m paying for PR for my artists”
Sam Way
“Hopefully me and Mastermind go on a long journey […] they certainly have the right way of going about things […] they plan […] to make anything successful you need a good plan […] with Mastermind Promotion this campaign could be a very successful relationship”
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